About BMG

Business Mart General Trading Company is becoming a leading name in engineering and industrial supplies. We have built strong relationships with our valued agents and manufacturers, working together to help our clients access top-notch materials in a timely manner

Our Mission

We strive to achieve unstoppable growth by supplying top- notch engineering and industrial supplies, domestically and internationally. Our goal is to maintain consistent high-quality for uncompromised client satisfaction, through outstanding service and unparalleled quality. We are committed to long- term success and sustained improvements.

Our Vision

To become a competitive advantage to our clients through our unique range of products, services, and solutions that put the client first - always.

Our Values

  1. Customer Service. We are committed to exceeding your expectations, time after time.
  2. Quality. What we do, we do it well.
  3. Integrity. Everything we do is rooted in honesty, reliability, and commitment to over-deliver.
  4. Ongoing Improvements. As lifelong learners, we strive to continuously improve our products, services, and solutions - relying on innovation to maintain leadership.
  5. Job Satisfaction. We treat our staff in a way we would choose to be treated, fostering a positive environment where employees feel valued with ample opportunities for growth.

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